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Space Systems Operations Research Laboratory
Dr. Hang Woon Lee, Assistant Professor
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Research Projects

Our research team is currently engaged in a number of projects in the field of space systems operations research. The following is a list of our current research projects:

Current Research Projects

  • PI, "Rapid Response Debris Removal Using Reconfigurable Space-Based Laser Networks," NASA Early Career Faculty (ECF) Award, Oct. 2023.

  • Co-PI, "Space Logistics Analysis and Incentive Design for Commercialization of Orbital Debris Remediation," NASA's Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy, Aug. 2023. (with PI Dr. Hao Chen of Stevens Institute of Technology)

  • Sci-PI, "OrBNaV - Orbiter-assisted Balloon Navigation for Venus Exploration," NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research, Aug. 2023. (with Co-I's Dr. Guilherme Pereira and Dr. Yu Gu)

  • PI, "Examining the Relationship between Orbital Stability and On-Orbit Servicing in Cislunar Space," NASA West Virginia EPSCoR Research Seed Grant, June 2023.
  • PI, "Mathematical Optimization-Based Satellite Constellation Design and Operational Framework," TelePIX, Jan. 2023.
  • "Next Generation Earth-observing Capabilities," West Virginia University
  • "Distributed Satellite Networks for Cislunar Space," West Virginia University
  • "On-orbit Servicing Framework," West Virginia University


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